How to Upgrade the Ice Staff Origins?


In this guide, you’ll find a bit-by-bit walkthrough for Ice Staff Upgrade in Origins, remembering a short segment for acquiring the original blue plates, and gramophone, and finishing the base Ice Staff. Similarly, as with all my different aides, there is a point by point screen captures, maps, and other riddle codes to make things as straightforward as could be expected.

With the remastered variant of Origins now accessible in Zombies Chronicles and with a significant number of you playing the backward viable Black Ops 2 form on Xbox One, it appears to be legit to return to the Ice Staff overhaul process again.

The Ice Staff is outwardly truly outstanding in Origins, freezing zombies quickly and watching them break is more than fulfilling. Anyway, the base variant has an intrinsic weakness in that frozen foes end up blocking your escape route when you’re invaded by an entire crowd.

Fortunately, the overhauled Ice Staff is the best in the game just because its charged attack (or super attack assuming you like) causes a gigantic blizzard that sucks in neighboring zombies. This attack is the ideal high-round partner and an incredible camp place support weapon.

So we should begin with the base Ice Staff and how you get it…

How to get the Ice Staff

Like every other staff in Origins, players need 3 parts, 1 colored disc, 1 black disc, and the gramophone to get the staff. In the case of the Ice Staff, the parts are BLUE, the disc is BLUE and the gramophone must be used to open the BLUE portal (Ice Portal).

Disc Location

The blue disc is generally inside the structure close to Generator 2. Either on the front table, weapon box rack, or rack close to the back portal.

Part Locations

The Ice Staff upgrade parts have no set areas except for they do have explicit requirements. Players should hold on until it is snowing and afterward uncover the rubble piles on the floor. Normally this includes opening each segment of the guide and exhausting each dig site until you get every one of the three.

Black Disc

The Black Disk is utilized in blend with the Gramophone to open the lower level of the unearthing site. It’s generally seen in one of three areas:

  • On a box, the lower part of the walkway leading up the unearthing site (Generator 2 side)
  • On a box, inverse side of unearthing site, close to the entry prompting church
  • Top of the uncovering site, in a wheelbarrow alongside PaP


The Gramophone is generally inside the central excavation site (dig site), one level down the stairs on the floor. Players ought to put the Gramophone on the table to open the mystery sub level with the Staff sculptures. A decent tip is to generally open the base part of the unearthing site and afterward promptly get the gramophone so you don’t have to return for it later.

The Gramophone is for the most part inside the central unearthing site (dig site), one level down the steps on the floor. Players should put the Gramophone on the table to open the secret sub-level with the Staff figures. A good hint is to by and large open the base piece of the removal site and thereafter instantly get the gramophone so you don’t need to return for it later.

Final step

When you have the parts, circle, and gramophone go to Generator. Go down the tunnel, but the gramophone on the table and trust that the blue entry will fabricate. Head into the insane place, get the crystal from the blue pedestal and leave the crazy place by remaking the blue pedestal.

At long last, return to the central excavation site, go to the base level and construct the staff utilizing the sculpture.

1. Solve the Ice Staff Puzzle

With the Ice Staff upgrade prepared to go to the insane place through the blue portal. Look promptly upwards and observe the slabs with blue images on them. Additionally, note the blue image on the divider.

Solve the puzzle by utilizing the Ice Staff to shoot the right piece on the roof that relates to the image on the divider. Rehash a few times.

2. Shoot the Gravestones

Pass on the insane place and return to the rest of the world. Shoot 3 x gravestones with the Ice Staff and afterward shoot with a normal weapon.

 Gravestone one

 Confronting excavation site from mud pool (nearby Soul Box mud pool), Generator 6 side of the guide.

 Gravestone two

Mud pool with Soul Box contiguous Generator 6 Jug region. The gravestone is beyond the guide limit, confronting away from Jug

Gravestone three

Outside the back of Generator 2 building (where there are bundles of mud). Search for Robots arm beyond the guide’s limit, Gravestone is close to it

3. Line Up the Gems

Go to the lower level of the excavation site (where the Staff sculptures are) and observe the roundabout rings drifting above. Each ring has four tones of germs on the sides. You should pivot each ring with the goal that every one of the BLUE jewels lines up.

To do this, pull the switches which are likewise situated in the lower level of the excavation site, on wooden scaffolding stages, other than the walkway, and so on. They seem to be power switches.

When every one of the rings is arranged, utilize the Ice Staff to shoot the blue circle at the lower part of the rings to send it upwards and through the rings.

4. Charge the Staff (Collect Souls)

At last, go to the crazy place utilizing the BLUE entry. Place the Ice Staff in the pedestal where you initially got the pearl or gem. Presently kill 2-30 zombies nearby to charge the staff.

Once done, get the staff and the redesigned form is yours to appreciate!!