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Find your Voice Pokemon Go journey prizes and tasks – each progression to getting Meloetta

The most effective method to get the legendary melody Pokémon.

Because of the Finding Your Voice exceptional examination mission, Meloetta can now be gotten by each coach in Pokémon Go.

Meloetta can now remain close by Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini, Hoopa, and Meltan as legendary Pokémon, which, in Pokémon Go, are gotten by finishing an exceptional research quest.

Meloetta initially appeared on the primary day of Go Fest 2021 as one of the Melody Pokémon research quest compensations.

‘Finding Your Voice’ steps in Pokémon Go.

Beneath, you can observe each journey step and compensation for Find Your Voice Pokémon Go. Getting comfortable with Yourself doesn’t have a cutoff time because it is a unique examination journey, so go ahead and complete it in your relaxation.

It’s vital to note, in any case, that Go Fest 2021 ticket buys will get Meloetta candy, as opposed to a second Meloetta, for finishing this exploration. If you had a Go Fest 2021 ticket but are yet to get Meloetta, we suggest visiting our The Melody Pokémon guide.

This part contains spoilers, so read despite the apparent danger ahead!

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Main suggestions for completing ‘Finding Your Voice Pokemon Go

The following are a determination of tips which will assist you with finishing Find Your Voice Pokémon Go:


  • The ‘Develop 15 Pokémon’ challenge is the ideal opportunity to involve a Lucky Egg for some extra XP!
  • If you desire to earn candies from strolling your mate rapidly, change to a Pokémon who will procure a candy for each 1km you walk, like Pikachu or Skwovet.
  • An extraordinary method for observing new companions in Pokémon Go is to visit The Silph Road subreddit and look for companion codes.
  • Look out for Team Go Rocket inflatables for a fast fight against one of the association’s grunts.
  • Remember – you can utilize Remote Raid passes to contend in any strike from the solace of your own home, and your companions can welcome you to raids as well!
  • Assuming that you’re experiencing difficulty observing 30 unique types of Pokémon have a go at utilizing a Lure Module at a PokéStop to draw in various animals to your location.

How Meloetta’s quest ‘Finding Your Voice’ works in Pokémon Go

Research journeys, which are tasks players can finish for various rewards, were delivered in March 2018 and are partitioned into multiple classes, like field and coordinated.

Finding Your Voice is a unique research quest released on Tuesday, 21st September 2021, and, since it has no cutoff time, it can be finished at your speed. It’s likewise the seventh in Pokémon Go’s series of legendary Pokémon extraordinary exploration questlines, with the others being for Celebi, Mew, Jirachi, Hoopa Victini, and Meltan.

Finding your Voice is partitioned into six stages, and for each progression, three separate difficulties need finishing for movement. You’ll be compensated for each test, and the mission steps you complete, with the principal reward being the legendary Meloetta.

Players who bought a Go Fest 2021 ticket will get Meloetta candy since they will approach or are currently finished with Meloetta’s most memorable unique examination mission – The Melody Pokémon.

How Meloetta first debuted in Pokémon Go

Meloetta was initially released as a component of the Go Fest 2021 festivals. The ticket could get the legendary Pokémon by finishing The Melody Pokémon exceptional examination mission, delivered on Saturday, seventeenth July – Day One of the occasion.

To acquire Meloetta, players needed to finish Stage Ten of the journey. En route, they were given the decision between Pikachu Rock Star or Pikachu Pop Star, a Meloetta-hatted Galarian Zigzagoon or Galarian Ponyta, and a Gardevoir or Meloetta-hatted Flygon.

With regards to the melodic theme of Go Fest 2021, the journey finished up with the players picking Pokémon and Meloetta proceeding as a band.

This way of delivery follows the practice of having a new legendary Pokémon delivered during Go Fest, with Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini all being given likewise at past Go Fests.

Rather than getting a second Meloetta by finishing Finding Your Voice, Go Fest 2021 ticket holders will acquire extra candy for this Pokémon. If you purchased a Go Fest 2021 ticket and haven’t gotten Meloetta at this point, then, at that point, we suggest visiting our page on The Melody Pokémon research journey.

Best of luck getting Meloetta in Pokémon Go!