How to Install a magnetic screen door


Magnetic Screen Door is a hands-free screen door that effectively opens without hands and uses strong magnets to immediately close itself to keep outside air in and bugs out and is 30% more grounded.

The Magic Mesh magnet screen door introduces in seconds without instruments and stays up the entire season; it fits most standard doors, including, sliding, doors, RVs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

If you have pets, you want the Magic Mesh hands-free screen door, as the Magic Mesh permits your pets to come in and out with next to no help. The new form for the Magic Mesh hands-free screen door is 30% more grounded with 18 strong magnets.

Carry on with a tension-free active lifestyle, purchase a magic mesh screen door in Pakistan. As, Insects, reptiles, and mosquitos are a major issue in our country. We as a whole have gone through these circumstances when we get irritated from these bugs as we neglect to close the primary door.

Likewise, you might have children, and they are only attached to going outside over and over. Is it true or not that you are taken care of up to close the door and once more? Presently you simply don’t need to stress any longer.

Where can I Buy a Magnetic Screen Door?

As carries the best item to you which will tackle every one of your concerns in a matter of seconds. “Magic Mesh Screen Door” is comprised of net and cancer prevention agent material, which will keep reptiles, bugs, and mosquitoes out. It is a without hands door that utilizes 18 magnets. Maybe with the assistance of this advanced innovation, this supernatural door opens up effectively at whatever point you need to get in and afterward naturally closes.

Magnetic Screen for Sliding Door

In this way, assuming you have quite recently gotten back after shopping and your hands are full, or you frequently neglect to close the door. This enchanted magnetic screen door in Pakistan will help you. Additionally, you and your children can undoubtedly get in and out, with practically no irritation.

Moreover, you are as yet ready to keep bugs out and natural air in. The magic mesh screen door is produced using tough Polyester and is 83 inches long and 19.5 inches wide. You can likewise open magic mesh screen door in Pakistan mostly, as to open one piece of the net door then the other half will stay close.

Magnetic Door Size

In addition, Magic Mesh Screen Door in Pakistan is extremely simple to introduce. It doesn’t need any exceptional device. You can likewise store it effectively because of its foldable material. Its surprising plan will impeccably mix with your home insides. The Magnetic Door Screen incorporates 210 cm (83 inches) x 15 cm (19.5 inches) Panels, snares, circles, and wood tacks. The door is without clamor.

Additionally, this net appears as though the door will permit natural air to sit back. Its portion is likewise extremely simple and simply a question of seconds. As, first of all, you should clear out the residue from your door surface with a clean fabric.

Then, at that point, you should adjust two screens together so magnets in these screens can associate with one another well. You need to adjust these screens for around 30 minutes to improve results. Presently, you need to put all screens by this strategy and toward the end when you will be going to place the last screen.

Be cautious, while putting the mesh to the ground, you should stay away from the beginning. As this distance will permit to open or close the door well. Neither one of its ought to be excessively less for the door to open or close nor it ought to be too huge to even think about clearing a path for flies, bugs, and different bugs.

Magnetic Screen Door Pros:

•           Installs in an Instant: Our attractive screen door accompanies all that you want to introduce it rapidly; dark every metal thumbtacks, a huge roll of snare and circle backing, in addition to video instructional exercise

•           Fits Doorways Up to 38×82 Inches: Magnetic door screen chips away at fixed, sliding, metal, or wood doors as long as they compare 38×82 inches. Significant: Measure your door before requesting to guarantee fit

•           Opens and Closes like Magic: Our retractable screen for the door includes a center crease fixed with 26 magnets for strolling through any door effortlessly

•           Strong, Heavy Duty Magnetic Mesh Screen Door: The Magnetic Screen Door comprises of substantial polyester and supported edges; intended to endure steady use by you, your pets, and the components. Our magnet screen for the door is worked for life span

•           Keeps Nature Out: Our mesh door screen is ideally suited for giving outside air access while keeping annoying open-air aggravations out. The fine mesh will not block your perspectives on the happenings outside

•           Straightforward No Hands Entry: Having your hands full while attempting to go all through your house is a problem, however with our screen doors with magnets, it effectively opens with a prod; no hands required

•           Kid Friendly: Hard to arrive at door handles and troublesome door locks are regularly risky for youngsters. Our door screen attractive conclusion permits children to go all through doors effortlessly

•           Ideal for Potty Training Dogs: Avoid the problem of continually making the way to let your canines out, our canine screen door permits your hide children to go outside however they see fit; works for felines

•           Ideal for Year-Round Use: Keep our mesh screen door with magnets up on your doors all year; the screen door magnets can endure weighty use and the components

Product Specifications:

Type: Hands-Free Magic Mesh Screen Door

Type: Hands-Free Magic Mesh Screen Door

Weight: 440 g

Size: 34′ x 82′

Fits with door size: 36′ x 83′

  • Aspects: 80 x 19 x 38 inches
  • Wood tacks: 20
  • Material: Polyester
  • Magnets: 18
  • Bundle Contains:
  • 83 ‘L and 19.5 ‘W Mesh Panels
  • 12 x Hoops and Loops Strips
  • 20 x Wood Tacks

How to Install a magnetic screen door

Preparing the Magic Mesh

Spread the Magic Mesh out on the ground. Spread out the Magic Mesh, laying it over the ground or another enormous, level surface. Ensure the magnets are adjusted in the center. Note that the highest point of the Magic Mesh will have a bigger hole between the magnets and drapes than the bottom.

Check the magnets to make sure they align symmetrically. Take a look at the magnets to ensure they adjust evenly. While the Magic Mesh is spread out, open and close the magnets down the center to check whether they draw in. Be certain that each set of magnets lines up equitably. On the off chance that the magnets are not balanced, this could leave a hole in your Magic Mesh that will give bugs access to your home.

Note that you should isolate each pair of magnets before introducing the screen.

Append the 12 cement strips to the Magic Mesh outline. Strip the easing off of the delicate side of every cement strip. Apply the presented cement straightforwardly to the rear of the Magic Mesh screen. Spread every one of the 12 strips given across the whole edge of the mesh.

•           Ensure that each strip adheres to the screen safely.

Attaching the Magic Mesh to the Door

Wipe down the door frame and let it air dry. Utilize a perfect, damp cloth to clear away any soil or flotsam and jetsam off of the outer layer of your door frame. Grime can keep the glue takes from adhering to the door frame. It Permits the edge to air dry normally before introducing the Magic Mesh screen.

Measure the door’s tallness to decide how high to hang the screen. Utilize an estimating tape to quantify the tallness of the door frame. Considering the length of the Magic Mesh, ascertain whether or not the mesh will delay the ground. With a pencil, mark the point you want to drape the highest point of the mesh to keep it from contacting the ground.

Measure the door’s width and imprint the midpoint. Utilize an estimating tape to quantify the width of your door frame. Note that estimation, then, at that point, partition it in half to figure out where the center of the door is. Mark the middle point with a pencil.

Connect the top, centerpiece of the Magic Mesh first. Eliminate the support of the glue strips that you put at the midpoint on top of your Magic Mesh. Line up the highest point of the mesh with the line you set apart on top of your door frame. Connect this piece of the mesh to the casing.

Keep staying the rest of the mesh to your door frame. In the wake of joining the top piece of your Magic Mesh, proceed around the edge of the door. Start with the highest point of the Magic Mesh, moving out towards one side of the door and afterward the other. Proceed down each side of the door frame, ensuring that the mesh hangs equally.

Build up the mesh with tacks assuming you have a wooden door frame. For added security, support the Magic Mesh by embedding tacks around the border of the door frame. Put the tacks through the mesh, above or underneath the glue strips. Drive the tacks into the wooden edge.

1.         This step is just material assuming you have a wooden door frame.

2.         Omit this progression assuming you are introducing your Magic Mesh around some other kind of door.

Test the Magic Mesh screen. Try out your Magic Mesh screen by strolling through the focal point of it a few times. The magnets should part separated as you stroll through them and close back together once you leave the door. If the screen doesn’t fill in as planned, you might have to reinstall it, drawing the boards nearer or further separated as required