Why Choose Accurate Biometrics for your fingerprinting needs


Accurate Biometrics, a Woman Owned-Certified Illinois Small Business, state and governmentally affirmed lady claimed independent venture and WOSB Registered business is an assistance partnership, in business beginning around 2000, devoted to giving fingerprint-based personal investigations and character administrations to public and private area offices and associations. The accompanying focuses represent this obligation to the business of unique finger impression-based criminal history personal investigations just as how Accurate Biometrics separates itself from other fingerprint merchants. Exact Biometrics was picked by the FBI to be one of just 19 organizations in the U.S. to be granted unique mark directing administrations for customers all through the United States.

This was the FIRST diverting office supported to give FBI criminal history reactions to an individual as per Departmental Order 556-73. Accurate Biometrics the board staff have partaken in the FBI CJIS Compact Council gatherings beginning around 2006, addressing its voice in regards to enactment on a government level to address the issue of its customers. This was picked as the sole seller to direct the government pilot project for the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Accurate Biometrics’ most prominent strength is reflected in its long-standing relationship with its clients. We have insight in overseeing unique finger impression benefits and distributing the essential assets to satisfy the need.

Is Accurate Biometrics legit?

Its fingerprint accuracy rate is more than close to 99.0%. We ensure our fingerprinting administration. This is additionally an FBI Channeler with a 24-hour turnaround on unique mark based personal investigation results

How does Accurate Biometrics work?


Register Online

Visit Its online portal to register. Find a fingerprinting Kiosk area close to you. Enter installment details and a couple of essential personal socioeconomics. You will get an email with a QR code to provide for the unique fingerprint expert.


Go to a Fingerprint Kiosk Location

Go to a unique fingerprint Kiosk area close to you. You can go to any area you pick. If it’s not too much trouble, bring 2 types of different proof including a picture ID (look down to see OK types of ID). Utilize the QR code on your email affirmation to get to your enlistment. Your fingerprints and photograph (whenever required) will be caught by a prepared fingerprint expert.


Your fingerprints will be naturally shipped off the state as well as the FBI for handling. For Florida offices, the outcomes will be shipped off the office mentioning your record verification. Save your receipt. The exchange control number (TCN) will be needed for any requests on your results.

How much does Accurate Biometrics cost?

The expense of fingerprints for all Illinois State Agencies is $65.00; our charge incorporates Illinois and FBI Fees. All significant charge cards and cash orders accepted 

Is biometrics a background check?

Yes, The term background check can allude to either name-based checks (which are utilized by most personal investigation organizations) and biometric or finger impression checks (which are utilized basically by law authorization).

Fingerprinting or biometric checks, for example, “Live Scan” are legally necessary for specific ventures, and it is additionally utilized in law requirements, however, the methodology has downsides that numerous businesses aren’t mindful of.