How to be a Good Programmer


What Is Programming?

I will not spend a lot of time there because if you are reading this post you’ve much knowledge about programming. Here’s the definition

“The act of composing code comprehended by a

 computational gadget to perform different instructions.”

How to Get Better at Programming?

Are you Worried about How to get better at Programming? Today in this article we will be talking about some tips or practices that you can follow to become a Good Software Developer or Programmer.

It is important for you to know this before embarking on a successful journey What could be the obstacles in your way or what could be the key to your success?

“The traveler to the higher destinations does not get into small disputes”


If you choose the right path, the chances of getting lost are greatly reduced And in a short time, you become successful. If you are on the way to becoming a Better Programmer then you are in the right place at the right time. Now without wasting time let’s get started!

Always Remember How much you need to Learn

“You don’t know it” Admitting it before you do anything new is a sign of intelligence. Great Programmers help themselves by setting their own time and path in the beginning. They know it took them a long time to figure it out that this attitude “I know what I’m doing” can be the biggest obstacle to success. Always try to be humble and take advantage of the opportunity to value what you learn.

Enjoy the Precess More than the End Results

Let’s take an example of you solving a problem that requires reply coding skills. So here what happens is that a lot of people just go to stack overflow OR just go to some other websites they will copy the code and they will paste it over there and so they’ll be able to solve the problem over there.

Now there are some problems with this

Because Yes you have completed that problem for that time but didn’t understand the underlined concept and that’s what is more imported

You should enjoy the process of you going from a fruitful process to an optimal solution. That is really important!

And if you can’t do that then you will not be able to answer a question that someone will ask you in the interview. So might have a great raking OR you have like 4, 5 stars on Fiverr and freelancer websites but you really struggle to answer a question when someone asks you without the need to search online. That’s really important for you to understand!

And even if you go to do things like that Web Development, you learned to react, and all you should really focus on understanding how everything works? Understand how to build a website from scratch, using hooks, props, and all that you should be able to do that without any problem. That is very important!

Don’t Be Panic Keep Patience

A lot of times what happens is that you are making a  website or you making an application or you trying to solve a problem and you are not able to do it.

We are not able to get the final optimal solution and so you end up giving up. Understand this thing you need to put an effort!

I will tell you my own example I was building a website the other day! Building a website took me about two hours but finding out errors and bugs took me 10 more hours. So it takes a lot of time to debug something than It takes you to actually start and built the website. That’s really important for you to understand!

Spend as much time as you can and have some patience understand that you have to need to improve yourself every single day. And do that over the span of 365 days when a year becomes 37 times better than what you normally work. This is the powerful concept compounding is really important!

So this is what I would say Don’t panic and give it time as much as you can and just go with that

Understand the Question

Read the Question properly and try to answer the question itself. It’s really important that you put in the effort to read the question once, twice thrice as well. Just because you will realize the question has all the answers that you want if you have any doubts if you have some confusions the question will solve it most likely.

So spend some time reading the question properly and just try to break everything down. What is the answer, What is the input, What is the output, What is the question saying? What are the requirements? Write it down somewhere and try to visualize everything How do things actually work?

This is really very important to do! And if you will do that you will be able to solve the problems much easier.

Start From the Basics Learn From Theories

Spend some time on it! Maybe your learning is a say get to side with cognitive programming. Before you start cognitive programming you can actually spend some time on DSA Status to learn what are the data structures? How are they implemented? The algorithms, How can you use them? Properly study it before jumping onto executing it on some program or solving some questions.

That is really important! What is miss out on are all the little details? The knowledge and sales of every single algorithm How are they different from another? Make sure that you first learn the basics! Learn the theories. This applies to really much everything. Let’s say you want to start with learning about Javascript, and all that You need to properly spend some time and understand the basics of it first of all. And then go to react! OK, this is what I would say Learn the basics focus on the theory part as well as much as you do on the applied part.

A Lot of Solutions to the Same Questions:

If you are not able to solve a problem let’s say you give up after two hours, three hours, or one day of trying to solve that question. Take a look at the editorial section, find the solutions to it, and try to understand how everyone else is trying to solve this particular question. This is really important If you can do this then it would be great for you to solve questions. It would just be really beneficial for you.

Whenever you have gone to solve you will understand it.

This is one perspective to look at this and this is another perspective to look at it! This is what you can apply, This is how you can make it better. And that would be really very good. Let’s take a look at all the available solutions that are available for you. And that away you will be able to better estimate the problem! If I want to create a program then these are other approaches that I can use. This is an optimal way for becoming a better programmer

Learn Techniques Not Tools

Programming Methodologies, Languages, and tools keep changing. That’s why you need to get as much experience as possible you can with as many frameworks and languages. Focus on the basics of programming, because fundamentals remain the same, Concentrate on architecture more than programming. If you feel that there is only one way to do something, stop and think.

Start Putting (How, What) Question Tag

I think one thing similar between a Good Programmer and others is to know what and how it is happening while programming. Some Programmers never leave a code without knowing what is happening when it performs.  It is impossible to do this under strict deadlines, in that case, programmers leave the code after knowing that it is working properly. How to handle such a situation is a different topic, but as a programmer, you have to do your best.

Be the First to Review and Examine your Code

Although difficult, try to find fault with your code first, And over time, you will begin to write error-free code. Try to make an unbiased and closer review of your code. And never hesitate to let others look at your code. Feedback from good and experienced programmers will help you become a good programmer.

Write Code Tree Times

Code Writing has been compared to Novel Writing, In writing a novel like this, we cannot accept the first attempt as the last same as in coding. When you do anything for the first time, it will work, but will it work in the best way? If you aim to polish(which you should) try to write code three times.

Your first Writing is evidence of your concept, your second attempt as you making it work and your third attempt will be an excellent piece of work by you.

Why Should I Learn Programming?

I’m not here to inspire you to get the hang of Programming, which is truly dependent upon you. People don’t take attention to learning any skill is just because their “WHY” is moreover non-existent or ambiguous. Find out the reason for yourself……… I can’t stress it much

Pause for a moment and think about why you want to learn better programming. Do you imagine yourself doing this and seeing yourself familiar with the benefits that come from it? The clearer the image of your why, the clearer the way you get to it

Here are some benefits to get  you started:

  • Become Rich
  • Be Happier
  • Get a Better Job
  • Discover new Passions or Hobbies
  • Get Respect from others
  • Become Financially Secure

 What does happiness mean to you? What kind of impact do you want to have? Why do you want to be wealthy? What kind of new hobbies or passions are you looking to discover? What specific job do you want to be doing? Who do you want respect from? On who? What does wealth mean to you?

Again, The clearer your answer, the better you will be able to benefit from your work or for learning programming or any other skill.

Where Should I practice Programming?

Your environment has more effect than you’d expect in your capacity to learn something. In school, do you thought you knew something until you were in the test room and couldn’t remember anything?

The issue is that the brain causes a relationship with the setting in which you learn something. Very few individuals realize that, yet it’s a significant idea in genuinely picking up anything.

The following are a couple of elements to consider with regards to your specific situation:

  • Comfort
  • Distractions
  • Physical Location
  • Temperature
  • Music & Noise
  • What you’re wearing
  • The material you’re using
  • People You are with
  • What you’re drinking or eating

At the point when you are going to learn something new, your mind “takes a preview” of your current circumstance. The greater amount of your faculties it invigorates, the stronger the connection.

Yet, that is not all Good news.

Inside a similar setting and climate, you’ll perform extraordinarily. Outside of it, not really. I’m certain you don’t have to ponder a second where that occurred. Presently you know why.

Along these lines, to have the option to utilize things you learned in a more versatile manner, it’s firmly suggested you change your current circumstance while you’re attempting to gain proficiency with any expertise. Figuring out how to play tennis? Practice in various courts. Practice at various temperatures. Practice against various adversaries. Practice with various racquets. I ensure you’ll expertise up your tennis match-up on the off chance that you change that load of things.

With regards to programming, work on utilizing various dialects. Practice with various systems. Practice frontend and backend. Practice with various IDEs. Attempt pair programming. Do useful programming. Do Object-Oriented programming. Do Component-based programming. Have a go at prearranging. Attempt Machine Learning. Code in your room, in the parlor, in the kitchen, at bistros, at school, outside, and so on Attempt with various kinds of music. There’s a boundless blend of things you can do!