Is Freelancer safe, and do they pay?


Table of Content

  • What is Freelance?
  • How Does Freelancer Work?
  • Is Freelancer Lagitimate?
  • Is Freelancer a Scam?
  • Scams
  • Benefits of Freelancing
  • Best Freelance Skills List
  • How to start freelancing in Pakistan
  • How do I Create my Freelancer Profile?
  • Is freelancing a Good Career in Pakistan?
  • Why Choose Freelancing?
  • Important things to do Freelancing
  • How to make money Freelancing Online?
  • How much do Freelancers make money???
  • How might I do freelancing?
  • Which freelancing website is ideal?
  • How might I get money from freelancing?
  • Is freelancing a career?
  • What amount a specialist can acquire?
  • How to Receive Freelancing Payment in Pakistan?
  • Is worth it?

What is Freelance?

Freelancer Website has perhaps the biggest get-together of specialists and organizations from around the world, including more than 45 million experts from more than 247 nations. On the site, bosses can discover freelancers for projects in the space of writing, software development, data entry, science, design, engineering, marketing sales, accounting, and even legal services. In addition to the main categories, there are thousands of sub-categories.

How does Freelancer Work?

Fundamentally, Freelancer Website works with work and pays among specialists and customers. Customers post different sorts of web-based projects and specialists bid for the positions. The customer will pick the freelancer(s) to accomplish the work. When the work is finished the freelancer gets paid.

To work as a freelancer OR How can I start Freelancing Business? You should make a profile on the site. To look for some kind of employment, look for important undertakings dependent on your range of abilities, place offers, and ideally get granted the projects and begin working. You will get paid depends on the method of installment you picked while offering for the work.

If the employer accepts a bid, that freelancer gets the work. At the point when the work is done and acknowledged, the freelancer will be paid. To pull out cash, you need to have at any rate $30 in your record, and the most you can pull out in a month is $10,000. Withdrawals may require as long as 15 days the first time and later less than five days.

Installments are gathered from bosses forthright and moved to the specialist when the task is done and approved.

Is Legit?

Since Freelancer has gotten grounded since its commencement in 2009 and has become the biggest freelance marketplace, you can be sure that it is authentic and not spam. One of the indications of spam is a short history and a low number of online media followers; notwithstanding, has a respectable history of 11 years and a huge after via web-based media, with more than 2 million supporters on Facebook, more than 200,000 on Twitter and more than 14,000 on Instagram.

Is Freelancer Safe?

Freelancing is a great opportunity for the career of a beginner. The question is this, is Freelancer Safe?
From my aspect, it is very safe! As there is a bundle of websites like Upwork, Fiverr, where we can get projects. FIrstly client needs to create milestones for the work before we can start work. After completion of the project, we can request to release the milestone and end the contract happily with the payment.
It is time consuming for a beginner but if you do your best efforts you will get the best!

Is Freelancer a Scam?

A large number of organizations and specialists have discovered fruitful working connections at the Freelancer Website, yet in case you’re new to self-employed entity work and the gig economy, I get it. It is difficult to determine what’s genuine and what Freelancer Com Scams are.

As referenced a second prior, is one of the world’s biggest outsourcing lot commercial centers. With 40 million clients contained self-employed entities and customers

(from 200+ nations, regions, and areas) you can be certain they are not spam. Scams

Top Scams are listed below

  • Remote Work Scams
  • Ways to Avoid Work from Home Scams
  • False Posting of Jobs
  • Ways to avoid Fake Job Postings
  • Asking for Payment before Work
  • Ways to avoid pay to Work Scams
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • Way to avoid Multi Level Marketing Scams
  • Ask for Account Information

To read these in detail must visit: Top Freelancer Scams and their Precautions

Benefits of Freelancing: Freelancer Review

  • By hiring Freelancers, Businesses can save a lot of time, budget and effort. They need not to be worried about training their staff, their leaves, their sick time and many more. 
  • Freelancer Website is a platform where Freelancer can access more work and Businesses can hire professionals for them to complete their tasks on time.
  • Freelancers have right to set their own hours
  • Large Number of Services presented on Freelancers, make it easier for employers to fulfill projects in any field.
  • As compared to other freelancer websites, charges 10% fees.

Draw Backs of Freelancing

  • When freelancers are new to the platform, they are unlikely to make a significant amount of money — usually less than the minimum wage.
  • Funds are high for hourly projects.
  • Freelancers must pay a fee even before they are paid.
  • Freelancers can apply for 8 jobs a month on a free membership program.
  • Your account may be blocked without explanation.

Top 10 Best Freelance Skills List:

  • Web Designing
  • Software Development
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Internet Teaching
  • Video Editing
  • Word Press Design & Development

How to start freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing in Pakistan is turning out to be progressively well known among youngsters. As per Payoneer’s Global Gig Economy Index, Pakistan is the fourth most universally developing independent market on the planet with a 47% yearly development rate.

Beforehand in 2018, the development rate was simply 4%. However, in 2019, something great occurred. Gosh, 42% sharp ascent in yearly independent development rate in Pakistan.

There are a few components that contributed to this flood, yet the primary factor is the public authority drive of expanding the situated instruction and the accessibility of 4G administrations across Pakistan. These elements have extraordinarily helped Pakistan’s childhood cooperation in the gig economy.

Most understudies, housewives, and even workers are doing independent Jobs in Pakistan to get by. Notwithstanding, a few groups are liking to turn into full-time consultants in Pakistan since they are worn out on doing regular places of employment that pay them fixed pay rates.

On the off chance that you are thinking about how to begin freelancing in Pakistan or how to procure through freelancing while at the same time telecommuting, then, at that point you are in the ideal spot.

1# Select Your Area of Expertise/Niche

You need to choose a subject matter or specialty before whatever else. This progression is vital since, in such a case that you discover one thing to deal with, you will think that it’s simple to turn into a specialist.

You should simply gain proficiency with the abilities identified with your specialty and you’ll turn into a specialist. Also, you’ll just get projects identified with your specialty so you will want to do them with no issue.

Ask yourself what might you want to do and why? What am I acceptable at? What’s happening with others? What’s more, what are the smooth-out specialties? Ideally, you’ll have the option to discover which ability and specialty you need to deal with and later sell.

To save your time, let me share a wide scope of independent administrations and specialties which Pakistani consultants normally render to their customers:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Writing & Marketing
  • Web Development & Designing
  • Academic Writing
  • Graphic Designing (Also includes logo, banner, and video editing)
  • Translation Services
  • Virtual assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management & Marketing
  • Resume Writer
  • Fine Arts
  • Voice-over artists
  • Modeling

There are different administrations and abilities are also. Everything’s dependent upon you wherein you are keen on.

2# Learning Skills Related To Your Niche

Attempt to become familiar with every one of the abilities identified with your specialty. You should continue learning even as you offer your ability to customers.

Attempt to clean your ability and find out about any new improvement identified with your specialized topic.

Recall never settle for what you know, consistently continue moving, continue learning and improving, or probably the world will outshine you and you would be abandoned.

You can join with Digiskills to get familiar with certain significant abilities. Digiskills offers total seminars on different specialties liberated from cost.

There is likewise an independent complete course accessible on Digiskills that acquaints specialists with the nuts and bolts of freelancing. You can likewise watch an independent instructional exercise accessible on YouTube. You should profit from this load of freedoms to learn and develop.

3# Reach Out To Clients

This is the stage the vast majority find generally troublesome since it amateurs are difficult to come by customers.

Yet, relax, you will track down your first customer as long as you make an honest effort and stay patient.

Connect with likely customers, you can send them an email or inbox (contingent upon the stage), promote what you have to bring to the table and how might you take care of the issue of the customer.

It’s OK if customers reject you or don’t employ you, you simply need to continue to attempt and before long you’ll get your first customer

4# Build Your Portfolio

As you work with customers and gain experience attempt to construct your portfolio. A portfolio comprises your best past works.

It is intended to have an effect on the customer and feature your abilities. Keep in mind, it should feature unquestionably the best of your works and only one out of every odd work you could do

5# Create Contacts & Build Professional Networking

Ensure you make contacts in the freelancing local area. Join Pakistani independent gatherings on Facebook or potentially WhatsApp.

Along these lines, you’ll have the option to remain refreshed with all the most recent news, rate changes, and advancement identified with freelancing.

Likewise, attempt to make enduring contacts with your customers so they generally return to you when they have significant tasks

6# Move to Online Freelancing Websites

After acquiring some experience you ought to investigate a portion of the main freelancing stages.

Specialists make their profiles on these freelancing locales and sell their administrations through them.

These stages guarantee that you don’t get misled and are paid for your administrations

How do I Create my Freelancer Profile?


Go to and Sign Up! Account Creation by Facebook or E-mail is totally up to you. Account Creation by Facebook Account will speed up the application process. Then Confirm it to move on the next Page.


Select your Profile Type. After creating your profile, you have to decide that you want to create a basic profile or a professional profile. A basic profile is free while a professional profile needs to pay out a monthly 29.98USD monthly fee.

  • Allowed to apply 300 jobs per month
  • Can qualified for freelancer Rewards
  • Create an employer Following
  • Are daily withdrawls allowed


Choose your expertise era. Those tasks that can be completed remotely can be done by

  • Engineering and science
  • Sales and marketing
  • Local jobs and services
  • Writing and content
  • Websites, IT and Software
  • Writing and content
  • Mobile phones and computing
  • Design, media and architecture
  • Product sourcing and manufacturing

Once you have finished that you can move on to the next step and complete the description of your profile.


In this step, you have to complete your public profile. You will need to describe the services you offer, yourself, your language, your location, and your hourly rate.

  • Country of Region
  • No of Completed Projects
  • Project Completion Rate
  • Your Rating among (1-5 Stars)
  • Membership Type (Basic or Professional)

Is freelancing a Good Career in Pakistan?

Sitting at home in your nightwear and working how you like without following office respectability is the fantasy! What’s more, get paid for it! Omg! Working at whatever point you need and sitting around idly as you wish. There’s a ton to like about the all-new, unconventional field of freelancing.

With the work market being exceptionally soaked in Pakistan, young people are hoping to join large firms and organizations like KPMG, Deloitte, Mobilink, and Nestle, and so on However, many individuals like to work autonomously and don’t need an exhausting work area work.

Freelancing permits you to work for yourself. Individuals who are focused and are acceptable at taking care of themselves have picked this field. Elance, one of the main freelancing locales, uncovered that Pakistan positions third in the all-out enlisted individuals. The initial two are the US and India. Another site, likewise has a high number of enrolled individuals from Pakistan. The top classifications of Pakistan in freelancing are in IT and Design. In money-related terms, Pakistan is procuring about $0.5 billion totally from freelancing and is positioned as the fourth most well-known country for freelancing. This shows Pakistani freelance have such a huge amount to acquire from freelancing.

Why Choose Freelancing?

Freelancing has extraordinary potential, be it as far as the amount it can add to your self-awareness, just as for your nation’s economy.

We as a whole realize that today the world resembles one major worldwide town. The whole world is your commercial center if you like. No one can confine you or put obstructions in your manner to procure however much you need. It is 100% authentic, and generally, tax-exempt pay.

Presently, before I reveal to you how to leave on this way of thriving, there’s one thing I can advise you without a doubt. Something that each Pakistani should know.

It doesn’t make any difference if you are not a specialized individual. Truth be told, it doesn’t considerably matter if you have a University degree or not. All you need is simply sheer difficult work and resolve to accomplish this achievement during the following year.

I know what you are thinking at present. It can’t be this simple. What’s more, that is valid. Getting acquainted with everything of freelancing just as the essential abilities, will take assets and time before you can accomplish your fantasies about procuring huge.

At this moment, as a fledgling, you have a lengthy, difficult experience in front of you. Be that as it may, with commitment and exertion, it is a lot conceivable.

If you are committed to your work and plan to acquire decent pay. You have gone to the perfect spot.

Presently, I will disclose to you which program to apply for, which can improve your fortunes. What’s more, the most awesome thing? It’s here in Pakistan.

Important things to do Freelancing

Freelancing is a stunning experience you may require a few challenges yet it is Guarantee that in the wake of confronting these hindrances and you will end up being a fruitful freelancer. Presently follow these means and begin freelancing from now.

Before beginning your independent vocation there are not many things you need to do first.

1.     Make your Mind

The main thing is to make your mind about freelancing. Assuming you are prepared to be a freelancer, you need to make your brain. Toward the beginning you need difficult work on your profile to draw in customers this will possibly happen when you are putting sufficient time in this field. You need to comprehend the idea of this business. Utilize your online media contacts to self-advance your business.

  • Learn a skill first

Your first job is to become familiar with certain abilities because the excursion of Freelancing is difficult or even impossible. On the off chance that you have some ability, you can without much of a stretch do freelancing and bring in cash. There are many abilities, you don’t have to pay to get familiar with this expertise. You can earn every ability liberated from cost from youtube, from the diverse course locales. Fortunately, the Government of Pakistan offers a free ability acquiring stage ‘Digiskill’, which provides for abilities as well as after a total expertise instructional class you can get a preparation testament.

  • Choose the best freelancing platform

Mastering abilities may require 1-3 months or not exactly this time. In the wake of mastering an ability now, it’s a chance to join some better stage to offer types of assistance to your clients and bring in cash from them. I know, you are currently much roused for freelancing.

There are various freelancing bunches on Facebook you can take to begin from these groups. In any case, make sure to avoid spamming groups. We notice a few groups join those groups and begin freelancing now. Clients post more than many posts every day in these groups, you need to unexpectedly answer to that post and get your project from a client.

After accomplishing some work on these groups and bring in some cash you will be currently ready to bring in cash on worldwide stages and start your expert freelancing profession

4.     Create a Portfolio

The Best advance is making an attractive profile. Most earning sites require your portfolio when you made a record on them. A portfolio should be as per your abilities. In which you describe every one of the past projects and every one of your abilities. A decent and expert portfolio draws in more clients. Attempt to sound sure and expert in your portfolio. Your portfolio should be clear and exceptional.

5.     Build a Network of Potential Clients

In the wake of making your portfolio now, you are prepared to begin your freelancing profession. Presently it relies on you from which stage you need to begin your acquiring. For a fledgling, the most ideal path is to join diverse freelancing bunches on Facebook and begin selling your administrations at a sensible cost. From Facebook begin fabricating your organization. Offer your insight into these groups to construct trust in you. This customer will move toward you with work. Impart appropriately and tackle the job expertly. Be careful with spam moreover.

LinkedIn is another stage in which you can fabricate your portfolio and search for customers. This is an expert stage for business visionaries and freelancers.

  • Broad thinking view

When you go into the Freelancing scene you need to adopt the thought process of a brand and rouse yourself. You should competently manage your customer so he/she become happy with your work and possibly your customer will employ you consistently.

How to make money Freelancing Online?

It’s truly simple to begin freelancing however you should have the skill of your field. You need to zero in on quality to make long-haul associations with customers.

You can acquire various abilities online for nothing or by joining a paid seminar on Udemy. Simply follow your passion. If you love watching motion pictures, you can begin learning video altering or liveliness plans.

After acquiring the abilities, join an independent stage likeFiverr. Toward the beginning, you will get the request of 5$ however continue to work. When you get a great audit on Fiverr, you can build your rate.

How much do Freelancers make money???

Before beginning this post, let me disclose to you the response to the inquiry I modeled for this post. Indeed, it is feasible to acquire USD 10,000 each month in Pakistan.

Presently the inquiry becomes – how might you achieve this assignment? In all honesty, you can accomplish this objective by freelancing and learning present-day advancements like AngularJS, React Native, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.

How might I do freelancing?

It’s truly simple to begin freelancing however you should have the skill of your field. You need to zero in on quality to make long-haul associations with customers.

You can acquire various abilities online for nothing or by joining a paid seminar on Udemy. Simply follow your passion. If you love watching motion pictures, you can begin learning video altering or liveliness plans.

After acquiring the abilities, join an independent stage like Fiverr. Toward the beginning, you will get the request of 5$ however continue to work. When you get a great audit on Fiverr, you can build your rate.

Which freelancing website is ideal?

There are various locales yet it doesn’t make any difference by any means. Your abilities matter a ton. If you have what it takes, you needn’t bother with any site to begin freelancing. You can likewise discover independent work in the nearby market.

Do specialists get paid?

They get paid.

How might I get money from freelancing?

You can chip away at various freelancing stages like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, and so on

You can likewise join Facebook gatherings to track down the ideal work.

Is freelancing a career?

Freelancing has become a promissive vocation. Indeed, even my companions have begun their startup with the assistance of freelancing.

You need to fabricate drawn-out associations with your customers. Later on, you can begin working with them on large tasks.

What amount a specialist can acquire?

It relies upon your abilities and difficult work. The way to accomplish freelancing is to acquire mastery in a particular field. Never become familiar with expertise for cash. Simply follow your passion and be predictable. Cash will begin following you 😉

How to Receive Freelancing Payment in Pakistan?

Getting and sending the installment overall is one of the primary issues looked at by numerous Pakistani consultants. PayPal isn’t accessible in Pakistan at this point. I for one use Payoneer to send and accept my independent installments. If you pursue a Payoneer account through my outside reference, you will get 25$ as an award from Payoneer. You can likewise utilize western associations.

Is worth it?

All things considered, it’s dependent upon you to discover something that works for you. is very much like some other publicly supporting or freelance site. To stick out, you need to have abilities that are attractive and contend with individuals all over the world that may have better insight or are willing to work for less. So it’s something you need to consider on the off chance that you chose to deal with