A dynamic state of mind, body, and spirit that brings the best out of a person and makes him capable of doing his tasks is known as health. Health is the ability of the human body to meet demands in a post by environment and daily life. The great wealth of a person in this world is health.

According to Hazrat Ali (R.A), the fourth caliph of Islam;

“A healthy mind can realize God”

Health is a precious gift and a great blessing of Allah. Once lost like an arrow, shot from a bow, it can never be found again. Body-mind and spirit are needed in reality to meet the needs of the world. A healthy body means a store of energy which is essential for every high ambition. Money cannot buy health so we should be very cautious about health.

“To get rich never risk your health for it is the truth that health is wealth”

Health is more crucial and important than pieces of gold and silver in our life a person can live without material possessions and reaches but a life without health is impossible no one can survive with an unhealthy body. A healthy person do he may not be rich can still strive to earn a livelihood. In contrast, if a person having all the riches of the world is healthy then all the wealth is of no use to him as money cannot buy health.

“Money is most envied but least enjoyed. Health is most enjoyed but least envied”

The importance of sound health is realized by one who is ill. We become frustrated and life becomes meaningless and boring to him. He cannot enjoy and feel the marvels of the world. Laying on the bed he thinks and reflects on the moments when he could do whatever he desires to. A state of invitation takes over nothing in this world cheer him up because he lost the most treasured gifts of all. He remains uninterested and excited and restless.

“Every human being is the author of his health or disease”

Regular exercise is important as balanced nutrition. a person who exercises regularly enjoys a good night’s sleep a good appetite and a sense of well-being throughout the day. Exercise keeps our spirit up whenever dealing with depression and allows us to have a relaxed lifestyle.

Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise and can be included in everyday life. Swimming cycling and skating are also very helpful lack of exercise results in flabby muscles and general physical weakness.

“Exercise is the keynote only to physical health but to peace of mind”

Health never means a bulky fat physic body with a huge weight and height prospect rather it means a smart stout and fit figure which can perform the best for long lasting hours. A balanced diet and regular light exercises along with some sports if possible are the key to good health. this very fact medically proves that a healthy body healthy mind and it is often reflected in our daily matter the as well.

“A healthy body is a guest-chamber of the soul a sick body is a prison”

A diet consists of what we eat and drink. we need the right kind of food which is rich in nutrients and has essential vitamins that the body demands. The nutrient helps us to grow improve our immune system and stay active and fit. nowadays people are eating too much process food. the intake of sugar must be cut down to very little quantities and instead of eating candies fizzy drinks and fast food we should take healthy food like serials or dietary fiber fruits vegetables along with meat and dairy products. By doing this you will be able to lower cholesterol level the root of many diseases.

Religion has laid great stress on health many commandments force us to live a healthy life like an act of cleaning. Islam wants Muslims to be sound because only then they can perform ALLAH’s commandments. The holy prophet peace be upon him says

“Cleanliness is half the faith”

Health is so important to us that people are enjoying their lifestyles and their priorities to gain or maintain them. some endure great pain for health, some sacrificed their wealth for it, some believe and act upon the stranger’s things in the hope of obtaining it, some even kill themselves because they cannot get it. Finding good health is a blessing that must be maintained to enjoy.